September 21-24


Katherine Ukleja DO FCSTA BCST

Potency & Its Functions

The Potency of the Breath of Life is our gateway into the therapeutic interchange which takes place in BCST sessions. WG Sutherland told us that the Potency was intelligent and that you could rely on it to do the work for you without using any external force. Rollin Becker noted that the Potency condensed at sites of affliction and by doing so it contained the damage and maintained the best possible conditions for the whole organism, the whole individual. Franklyn Sills further distilled these notions into the Three Functions of Potency: Organizational, Protective and Healing.

My observation is that the Potency serves another function, an Adaptive function. In its Adaptive function, the Potency embraces and accommodates the moment to moment stream of experience that we encounter from the time of conception till our dying breath. It makes us fit for life. It bestows resilience.

Only when we face overwhelming events, does the Potency act to protect us, to minimise the impact. Then the Potency will seek ways to overcome and heal the damage. As craniosacral practitioners we can augment and catalyse the healing process, but the Potency is always in command.

In this seminar we will distinguish and meet the Four Functions of Potency and explore the territory of ‘doing and not doing’, when to sit back and when to engage the arising history as it unfolds during a session.

Topics to be covered:

  • The four functions of Potency – organisational, adaptive, protective and healing.
  •  Life is motion – the Potency as an animating force in the tide, the fluid within the fluid.
  • The organizational function of Potency – the quantum midline and the bioelectric ordering field, known as the original matrix.
  • The automatic shifting of potency as it adapts to the conditional forces of experience and meets the contingencies of daily life.
  • Cohesion and fragmentation – Becker called the potency which condenses at inertial fulcra ‘variant’ potency. This is the potency performing its protective function and preserving the integrity of the organism.
  • Transmutation – igniting entrapped potency, releasing the power to heal.
  • Craniosacral Biodynamics – optimizing health by understanding and harnessing the principal functions of Potency

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21-24 September 2023
SERAPHICUM – Via del Serafico, 1 – 00142 – ROME

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from Thursday 21st September at 11:00 am, to Sunday 24th September at 5.30 pm
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